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How I started…

From a passion to a full blown business, Younique Designs was born in the comfort of my home 4 years ago.

Hi! I’m Jasmin and I am an Interior designer and founder of Younique Designs.

Initially being obsessed with organizing and placing items presentably grew this obsession for beautiful furnishings, spaces and overall inviting environment. Which led me to study Interior Design at the Interior Design Institue of South Africa.

Before I could even complete my studies I had the great opportunity to renovate apartments, full home renovations, custom made furnitures and fittings, to corporate renovations and fittings which has not only given me the experience I now have but the greater appreciation for my craft. Understanding colour balances, textures, shapes and lighting in order to reflect the clients personality has not only added value to the business but created valuable client relationships.

This is where the ‘You‘ in Younique Designs was born from. We take our time to understand you and your needs in detail in order to translate you into the design. Working in collaboration with architects and contractors I take each project personally.

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